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The Fashion Designer behind the RyMcKELL Brand

As a Nigerian Canadian, her inspiration comes from her many travels around the world, engaging with people of diverse cultures. She combines that with her uniquely vibrant African heritage mixed with western aesthetics.

A self-taught Nigerian Canadian, she moved to the US after college and worked as an IT programmer. She earned her  MBA from Texas A&M University as well as her Master’s in Information Technology from Boston University before moving back to Vancouver.

Her love for fashion started at a very young age. By age 10, she was already telling my mom how to coordinate outfits and what colour hues made her look her most radiant. Whenever she was given something to wear she knew she could make it better and different! Whether it was simply adding on a bow, making pleats to add a design detail or taking in the sides for a more fitted look, she knew how to make clothes work for the person wearing them

As she was growing up, she kept a sketchbook handy where she would sketch clothing designs then bring them to life in her sewing room. She received so accolade on her designs that she was hired to create clothing designs for friends, tailor shop owners and wedding parties.

"One of the catalysts for starting this line came from conversations with girlfriends where we constantly ask ourselves why can’t we find great quality clothing without having to break the bank. I want to reflect the diversity of the society we live in. Over time, I realized there would be other women out there with similar questions and that was how RyMckell came to be. For each piece designed, I want a woman to feel chic, sophisticated, confident and empowered with the freedom to wear clothes not bound by trends or seasons. I want us to feel connected to the world through the reflection of various cultures embodied in it. "

-Yvonne Owner of RyMcKELL